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We offer a range of local and international freight services!

Full Truck Load (FTL)
Freight Forwarding
Less Than Truck Load (LTL)
3rd Party Logistics
Hot Shot

Phoenix Motor Express owns a fleet of trucks and we haul a wide variety of freight FTL. LTL,  with all types of Equipment Flats, Vans, Step decks. and specialized trailers when called for. Phoenix Motor Express is an Arizona-based staffing company specializing in providing CDL Drivers to businesses nationwide.

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We ensure DOT compliance and the following:
  • Pre-employment DOT compliant drug/alcohol screening
  • Random drug/alcohol testing
  • DMV records 3/5/10 years
  • Criminal background checks: State & Federal
  • Employment verification: 10 years
  • I-9 verification of employment eligibility
  • Medical short form
  • We also provide a shadow file on all drivers (upon request)
CDL DRIVERS JOBS AVAILABLE (Click to find out more...)

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Mike Valentine
Main:  602-595-7817
Fax:   602-595-7843
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Customer Service is #1

Customer service is paramount to our success at Phoenix Motor Express and satisfied customers are our greatest asset.
Your Loads are important to us we make the best effort to find the most efficient scheduling and best pricing for your shipment.
Our Drivers and equipment have the highest standards of safety to ensure your shipment arrives on time and in excellent condition.

MC# 197964

USDOT 2383626

Hours of Operation 8 am to 5pm Monday to Friday
Payment Terms Available
Net 15 Days